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Photo Hosting Uploader is a handy free tool to upload photos on our free photo hosting at Winsoftmagic. Easily select, upload, link and share your photos. Use it to automate hosting your photos for blogs, forums, message boards, auctions and more. Photo Hosting Uploader is freeware. Runs under all Windows up to Vista and 2008. The latest version is 1.0 , file size is 0.6 Mb.

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Advanced JPEG Compressor is an excellent program to prepare photos for sharing, printing or storing. It allows you to:

Reduce the size of your graphic files. Advanced JPEG Compressor can reduce file size impressively - without any loss of quality. Smaller files take less space and can be uploaded and downloaded more quickly: effectively optimize photos for faster downloading from the Web, faster e-mail smaller image files - avoiding exceeding size limits - and compress scanned documents for storage or transferal.

Prepare images to meet any size requirements. Advanced JPEG Compressor can easily change the size of your digital photos. Resize them to any specified dimension or file size you need: thumbnails, photos for a web site, auction pictures, ads, web graphics, for job tasks, etc.

Perform basic photo editing. Rotate and crop photos, fix red eyes, add text or graphic watermarks and modify color levels, saturation, contrast or sharpness. Use advanced noise removing filters, EXIF options and more. With its ability to retain original picture quality, Advanced JPEG Compressor is a must for processing your digital photos.
Convert images to JPEG from other formats.

You can easily process multiple photos just in several clicks, as well as a single image. Digital camera users benefit most from Advanced JPEG Compressor's excellent abilities. It can be the perfect add-on to your other photo software. Advanced JPEG Compressor runs under all Windows up to Vista and 2008. The latest version is 2009 , file size is 1.6 Mb.

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